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Doll Manufacturing

4Woods USA - Manufacturing and Delivery

Product Development

We carefully design all of our body styles and faces starting from sketching the first image to creating a prototype. For each design, we imagine what our customers are looking for, review our doll line-up, and study required technologies and available materials so that we can create the exact doll based on the first sketch.

With help from experts, we also research new methods to improve the doll’s skeleton, skin texture, and inner structure. These changes are routinely implemented not only in our new models but also our existing doll lineup so that we can provide easy-to-handle, beautifully lifelike love dolls at all times.

Manufacturing and Delivery

All of our silicone dolls are made to order. After an order is received and payment is made in full, we begin building the doll based on your specific customizations and requests. We do our best to create a love doll that is perfectly customized to your needs.

Here is a breakdown of the process after an order is placed:

  1. Confirm order details
  2. Receive order payment in full
  3. Process doll skeleton based on a body type
  4. Assemble doll skeleton
  5. Prepare doll’s inner structure which offers a light-weight body and a wide range of motion
  6. Adjust silicone color to match the desired skin tone
  7. Place the assembled doll skeleton in a molding box
  8. Implement our special “Soft Skin” technology in the required areas such breasts and stomach
  9. Cast original silicone
  10. Wait for silicone to cure
  11. Apply after treatment on cured silicone
  12. Apply paint and makeup based on customer’s request
  13. Apply various options
  14. Complete and clean the doll
  15. Carefully pack the doll in a shipping box and ship to our US office in San Diego, CA
  16. Deliver doll to the customer via UPS or arrange pickup from our US Showroom
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