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Doll Options

Eye Colors

We offer five different options for color of your doll’s eyes. Most of photo sample dolls are dark brown at web site.


Skin Colors

We use professional grade lighting to take the high quality photos of our dolls in our photo gallery. Their skin color may not look exactly the same as in your home due to the difference in lighting. To see the skin color in person, please make an appointment at our San Diego, CA showroom.


Hand Skeleton

Bring your doll’s hands to life and create more realistic, expressive poses. This long-requested feature is now available on all of our doll models.


Pubic Hair

Each pubic hair is carefully hand-implanted, piece by piece to create beautiful designs. We offer five different patterns, but custom hair designs can be requested as well.



A doll’s face drastically changes the look of your love doll. All doll makeup is permanent and applied by hand by our in-house makeup artists.We have 6 standard makeup options, but custom makeup is available by request.


Real Hole Cap

We now offer a new option, an aesthetic hole cap which can be applied to your doll when she is being displayed in the room. This item is not intended for real sex.

Real Holecap

Fingernail / Toenail Chips

We use specially cut nails which match the size of our doll’s fingers. You can select from 18 different colors. Even if you select none for Nail Chip, dolls still offer beautiful silicone nails!

Fingernail / Toenail Chips

Fingernail / Toenail Chips

Not only for fingers, but you can select nails for your doll’s feet. You can match the finger and the foot nails with the same color, or you can just have foot nails alone. There are 18 different colors to choose from.

Fingernail / Toenail Chips


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