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Soft Skin

Our Soft Skin technology creates lifelike, supple skin in all the right places on your love doll. Sourced in the USA, our exclusive blend of silicone is incredibly durable and so very soft to feel.

Soft Breasts (All doll models)

We use a unique elastomer in the breasts to achieve a soft, smooth texture that gives you something to grab onto.

Soft Stomach (Optional Upgrade)

Love the soft breasts? Upgrade the stomach to be made of the same elastomer material so that your love doll’s torso is soft to the touch.

Please note that your doll’s stomach may stick out while sitting in a chair or leaning forward. This is option is meant for customers who enjoy the doll’s touch more than its aesthetic qualities.


Soft Face (Optional Upgrade)

We now offer a soft face upgrade that allows you to make your love doll’s face more touchable and kissable.


To see the soft face/stomach please check out our doll videos!

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