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Vaginal Types


The built-in vaginal type is meant for customers who want a realistic look and feel. The vaginal cavity has soft, spiral shaped ridges that stimulate your shaft so you can lose yourself in ecstasy. We offer 4 choices of vaginal lips to make your doll experience unique to you.

Please note that the built-in type is permanent and not removable. A cleaning kit is included, and it is recommended to clean the cavity after each use.

Built-in Lips

Removable Vaginal Insert: A.I. Hole

Our removable vaginal inserts each offer a different pleasurable sensation and can be swapped out depending on your mood each day. Being removable, these inserts are very easy to clean and maintain.

Each vaginal inserts are about 2 inches (5 cm) in diameter and made of a very soft material that is specifically made for sex play. Clean after each use by flipping the insert inside out and gently wash it under running water.

Vaginal Inserts

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