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When will my doll be delivered?

After payment is confirmed, you will receive your love doll within 40 to 60 days. All of our love dolls are made-to-order in Japan and are shipped to the United States. We do our best to keep you involved in the process and send you order updates as soon as they’re available. (Photos can be provided at request.)

Once your custom order is ready for delivery, we will contact you to confirm the delivery date through UPS and a tracking number will be provided. Local pickup at the shipping center can be requested as well.

What material is used for the doll?

4Woods’ high-quality silicone blend is the main material of the doll’s body and the skeleton is made of a stainless steel alloy.

How is the doll packaged for delivery?

We carefully and securely pack our dolls in a discrete double cardboard box to ensure your new companion arrives safely to her final destination. The doll is packed to safely handle being vertically upright for short periods of time, but we strongly recommend storing the boxed doll horizontally.

With every order, we also include a storage bag to safely store your doll long term.

What kind of extras come with the doll?

We include all the accessories necessary so you can enjoy getting to know your love doll as soon as you meet her. When you purchase a doll, the following accessories are included:

  • Wig
  • Camisole and panty set
  • Washing kit (For built-in vaginas only)
  • Water-based lubricant
  • Hair brush
  • Powder
  • Puff
  • Repair kit
  • Instruction Handbook

Can I bathe with my love doll?

Yes! However, the head and joint portions of the body should not be submerged in water. You may bathe with your doll as long as the water level remains below the torso.

What about deterioration? How durable is the silicone?

The silicone used for 4Woods dolls has gone through rigorous testing and is specially formulated to be very durable and not deteriorate over time with regular use. Excessive pressure should be avoided, however, to not damage the body.

What if the doll needs to be repaired?

If the doll’s silicone it is damaged or torn due to rough handling, we include a silicone compound and detailed instructions to handle minor repairs.

For major repair work, please contact us at info@4woodsusa.com.

Can I create my own custom doll?

We offer a wide variety of options such as body color, head type, and makeup to make each doll unique and tailored to you. Custom skin tone colors, makeup, and nail colors are available upon request.

Looking for detailed information about all of the doll options? We recommend that you visit our galleries and doll options section to start building the love doll of your dreams.

Please note that custom body frames and custom heads are not available at this time.

Can doll heads with an open mouth perform oral sex?

All of our doll heads are sculpted to look and feel hyper-realistic. Because of this, the mouths are best used for kissing and viewing only. Using the mouth for oral sex may cause damage to the mouth opening.

What is the difference between the all-in-one vagina and the removable vagina cavity?

The removable vagina is very durable and soft and can easily be taken out of the doll and washed after use.

The built-in vagina looks very realistic however the outer lip is very delicate so we recommend it be well lubricated with water-based lubricant to reduce friction on the material. For minor repairs, please use a lip repair kit that is included with the doll. A syringe is provided in the doll cleaning kit to help clean after use.

Is there a way to eliminate seams (lines) and small repair marks from manufacturing process even if it took a long time? Can you make a doll which looks perfect at close range without any scratches or marks?

We do our best to deliver a beautiful, realistic love dolls to our customers. What sets us apart from our competitors is our dedication to create naturally beautiful, hyper-realistic silicone companions.

Each of our sex dolls are handmade, so small scratches, marks, and holes may appear on the dolls due to our manufacturing process. Each body model is a replica of a master model. We cast silicone into a molding box and cure the liquid silicone into a solid object inside of the mold. When the doll is removed from its mold, we remove any excess silicone though a slight seamline may be visible on the side of the doll’s body. We are aware of this flaw, and are constantly improving our finishing process in order to reduce the appearance of these lines.

Can I move dolls' eyes? Can they look at different angles?

Yes. All of our doll heads have a mechanism that allows their eyes to move and look at different angles. The doll’s eyes are embedded inside of the silicone head. On the back of the eyeballs, there is a plastic cover that allows them to move. For more information, please refer to your user manual.

Do colors of outfit get transferred (stain) silicone body?

The silicone skin of the doll’s body acts like a sponge at the macro level. If an outfit has been dyed with cheap dye or in strong colors, the silicone surface may get stained. Strong colors such as black, red, or purple have more of a chance of staining the silicone. Areas that get easily stained are areas that have more weight when a doll is sitting or laying down: back side of thighs, buttocks, and back.

If you wish to have your doll wear dark colored outfits, we advise that you test a small, unnoticeable area of the doll’s skin to make sure the clothing dye does not stain.

Doll accessories sold through our online store have been tested for this specific purpose and do not stain the doll’s skin.

What are the recommended movable ranges for the dolls?

In general, when doing things that require handling of the doll limbs such as changing clothes, be careful not to tear the silicone exterior.


To avoid ripping the silicone skin, we recommend that you avoid lifting the arm past a horizontal position for long periods of time.


Although there is pressure on the silicone, elbows can bent in a wide angle.

Legs (bending forward)

There is no restriction for bending legs forward, however, if only one side is lifted, it adds pressure in the crotch area and may cause the silicone to tear.

Hands and legs (horizontal movements)

Please move in the range below drawing. If movement past this range is required for changing clothes, please be very careful and dress the doll as quickly as possible.

Storing doll for a long period

When you store your doll for a long period of time, sit her on a soft chair or sofa in a neutral pose (see above) so that it avoids excess pressure on silicone which can cause wrinkles or tears.


Avoid bending the waist past 15° in the front and the back.

We are not responsible for any damage caused to the doll by exceeding the movable ranges detailed above.

Movable Ranges

Do 4woods dolls have an anus?

Yes, every 4woods doll type has an anus, which has a cavity approximately in 4 inches.

Do you have any discounted dolls or used dolls for sale?

Yes, every now and then, we have discounted or used dolls that are available for sale. These dolls are ready-to-ship without any wait. If you would like more information, please contact us.

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