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We, 4woods USA, always do our best to provide the highest quality products and best customer service to our clients.  Here are some testimonials from our actual customers.

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“My 4Woods is my favorite doll. She is sexy, innocent, soft, and highly pose able. She has life in her, and I love her!!!!!!!!”

“I truly adore my 4Woods. I know I work with a lot of other dolls, but I will say there is something magical about 4woods!”

- Doll photographer, Stacy Leigh,  AIdoll EX


“She arrived my place safely, and I have to say that everything was very professional. From packaging to delivery, everything is very professional. The packaging is very neat and shows much care of the order, and I got everything I need for the well-being of my doll. She looks amazing, an unbelievable beauty, and I still have not figured out a single word to precisely describe her beauty. She is now an important part of my life. I am just glad that I came to 4Woods company. You showed very highly detailed and meticulous care in both manufacturing and service. I love your company, and I must say that I will return to 4woods one day in the future and buy another doll from you again. This is worth everything that I have ever spent on. You really have exceeded my expectation. Thank you.”

- Mr. L, purchased CC Body



“Thanks for the excellent communication, documentation and packaging. It has been a pleasure doing business with you.”

- Mr. L, purchased AIdoll S+


“The doll arrived and everything is in great shape.  I want to thank you for the fantastic customer service you provided. This was a decent chunk of change to spend and your promptness and concern for customers shows that the company truly appreciates the business.”

- Mr. B, purchased AIdoll Allure


“I just received the doll. It’s beyond my expectation. I am very happy with her.”

-Mr. A, purchased AIdoll Allure


“I want to say that I appreciate all of your hard work. You’ve made the ordering process very pleasant and easy for me.”

-Mr. W, purchased AIdoll Allure


“Just wanted to drop you a quick line and let you know that my Allure arrived safe and sound Friday afternoon. She is absolutely stunning and incredibly gorgeous… Thank you once again for all the fine service and assistance you have provided me through the past months! I look forward to doing repeat business in the future!”

- Mr. B, purchased AIdoll Allure


“Hatsuki looks absolutely stunning! She is extremely pretty, and everything I could hope for. In fact, she is much more than I ever expected… Thank-you very much!! I cannot express enough how happy I am with her. What a beautiful doll!! You have done a wonderful job. The quality of your dolls is absolutely amazing! It is impressive how her seam lines are very few indeed, and even those are barely distinguishable. It is also incredible how she is so much smoother and softer than I imagined too. I am very impressed, and very, very happy.

So just to sum up…

  • Hatsuki is PERFECT.
  • Your service and quality is EXCELLENT
  • Satisfaction is 100%
  • My happiness and gratitude…OFF THE SCALE!!”

- Mr. S, purchased AIdoll S+


“Thank you! She is like a work of art.”

- Mr. O, purchased AIdoll S+


“Just wanted to drop you a brief note to thank you again for the excellent service and to tell you that the doll is fantastically beautiful! I had high expectations but I have to say the 4woods team exceeded them. She is a true work of art and brings a lovely and charming presence to my home.”

- Mr. S, purchased AIdoll S+


“You guys have been phenomenal; I have deal with many doll makers and there are people that are rude and unprofessional.”

- Mr. N, purchased AIdoll Allure


“Thank you so much. Your doll has been fantastic.”

- Mr. J, purchased AIdoll EX


“The sensation 4wood’ inserts give is absolutely incredible. And doll’s ability to spread her legs wide.”

- Mr. C, purchased AIdoll S+


You can also find more photos and stories of 4woods doll owners from all over the world on a community website, on The Doll Forum.

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